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Secret ingredient: ByOummi®'s touch

Love, mama

Who is ByOummi®?

Oummi is the Arabic word for Mom and she is the heroine of every gourmet. She feeds you, cares for you and fills you with love. Like Mom, ByOummi® wants to create moments of sharing, with products and dishes that are tasty, healthy, and easy to prepare.

Superheroes everywhere

My superhero makes me couscous

Our mamas come from all over the world. We get our inspiration from different regions because the passion for good food is universal. In a society where we have more and more opportunities to taste food from different cultures, we noticed a lack: accessible new flavors for the inspired discoverer and tasty quality basic products for the cosmopolitan who grew up with traditional dishes. After four solid years of research, ByOummi® has been created: a brand that combines convenience, taste, connectedness, and innovation to perfection.

Fresh and nutritious

Some chickpeas a day keep the doctor away

The ready meals from ByOummi® take you on a journey with fresh quality ingredients. All our products have a Nutri-score B and we are proud of this! They are the perfect complement for a cosmopolitan’s taste palette.

Authentic flavours that are composed with love and knowledge, with the secret ingredient: ByOummi®’s touch! By the way, did you know that every dish is 100% halal? Pure products, prepared to the highest standards.

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