From Morocco Archieven | By Oummi


Kefta, derived from the Persian word Kufta which literally means to chop, is a real star of the Moroccan cuisine. The dish is usually prepared in a tagine and the minced meat gets its characteristic flavour from the specific mixture of herbs with which it is prepared. By Oummi serves it with a delicious couscous. Discover this gem of North African cuisine at an Albert Heijn near you. Enjoy your meal!


Loaded with exotic spices and topped with perfectly baked chicken thighs, this fruity couscous really brings the best of the Moroccan cuisine to your plate. Fruity, you say? With dried apricots, cranberries, orange juice, pomegranate seeds and confit lemon, this is no ordinary couscous. Youโ€™ll be coming back for this one. Get this flavorful dish at an Albert Heijn near you. Oh, and enjoy your meal!


Every Moroccan household has a family recipe for harira, the traditional meal soup. Our harira is full of fresh tomatoes and is flavoured with a delicious blend of herbs. The chickpeas, lentils and pasta provide a hearty bite. In short: the perfect lunch with a piece of flat bread, or a tasty starter. Get this great soup at an Albert Heijn near you and enjoy it!

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