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In the Maghreb countries, Raibi ice cream is the ideal refreshment for children. You mix the yogurt and pomegranate syrup and put it in the refrigerator for a few hours. With a little patience, you get the best ice cream ever! Our advice: You are never too old for a Raibi… It’s still delicious!

Spicy Tuna

The spicy version of our tuna salad has a generous portion of tuna, supplemented with oyster, silver onion and our herbal extracts. But it is the harissa, a spicy sauce based on red pepper and tomato that gives this salad its characteristic flavour. Buy this spicy spread at an ethno market near you and enjoy it!

Tuna Mayo

This tuna salad is topped up with anchovies, silver onions and our special By Oummi seasoning mix. The mayonnaise brings just the right acidity to the whole. Taste this salad for yourself. You can find it in an ethno market near you. Enjoy your meal!

Surimi Samba

This rich salad with delicious pieces of surimi and a slightly spicy touch creates a whole new taste experience. Taste well and you will also discover subtle notes of ginger and garlic. A delicious salad that undoubtedly tastes like more. Get our Surimi Samba at an ethnic market near you.

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