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Our story

Every dish tells a story

All over the world, families meet around the kitchen table. The flavours of ByOummi® unite intrigue and enrich the biggest gourmets. Each dish tells a story of generations and is prepared with the utmost care. Our inspiration for this culinary journey around the world: Mom’s cooking skills.

ByOummi®’s products will appeal both to the adventurous foodie and the seasoned chef. Discover, experience, and share tasteful moments.

Our story
Taste love

Dishes with a healthy dose of nostalgia

ByOummi® presents quality products from all over the world, with a healthy dose of nostalgia and a touch of unconditional love. Our products are the favorite of the world’s best chef: Mom. And like Mom, we strive to bring people together around a shared passion: good food.

Our products
Cosmopolitan tastes

The world is our source of inspiration

ByOummi® draws its inspiration from different cultures and traditions. Taste and authenticity are ingrained in the heart of ByOummi®. All our products are prepared the way Mom would do it: with care and love.

Our story

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Pure and qualitative

ByOummi® is a quality brand